UrbanSpace Garment district - VIP Tasting Event

So last Wednesday I got invited by my professor, Vinay Chowdhry, to be a guest speaker for his Producing Webisodes class at my alma mater, The New School for Public Engagement. For those of you who don't know, I began the process of Danica's Comfort Kitchen during my last few semesters at The New School, and now I was back, talking about how it all began to a class full of eager Master's students. It felt great! Anyway, to cut a long story short, a student, Ramy Zabarah, got in touch with me immediately after class and promptly sent my link to Elizabeth Van Bergen from Rachel Van Dolsen, a boutique hospitality PR and social media firm based in Brooklyn. Elizabeth immediately got in touch with me and offered to put me on the list of upcoming food events in the city. So basically, I now get to attend food events and sample some delicious fares from some of the best spots in the city, and in the process network and build more ties in the food industry *smiling from ear to ear*. To start off with, I was invited to a VIP tasting event at UrbanSpace Garment District, a popular pop-up food market around Times Square.

UrbanSpace Garment District, is a pop-up food market located on Broadway, between 39th and 41st streets. It opened on 21st September and is on until 24th October from 9am to 11pm daily. 

As soon as I reached there, I was given a pink bracelet that granted me access to free samples from across 23 different vendor stalls. I quickly made my rounds and decided to get some asian styled tacos at Domo Taco first.

Domo Taco was gaining some buzz on the first day. I was told to try out this joint for it's Asian spin on Mexican food.

The guys at Domo Taco were kind enough to offer me three different types of tacos; shrimp tempura, lemongrass chicken, and steak teriyaki.  I tried the shrimp tempura first, which was crisp to perfection, but due to the fact that I spent time taking photographs of the food, the shrimp turned cold. Point duly noted, next time eat battered fried food as hot as you get them. I liked the tangy and tender flavors of the lemon grass chicken, and I was really digging the mild srichaca like sauce that was laden on all three tacos. My clear favorite was the steak teriyaki taco which was really juicy and well flavored. Props to Domo for not shying away on the portions.


I must warn you that things can get quite messy devouring these overloaded tacos. Keep a lot of napkins by your side when indulging in them.

Eating all those tacos got me quite thirsty, so I moved on to Lizzmonade to get myself a refreshing glass of flavored lemonade. There were lots of flavors to choose from, but I ended up getting pineapple mint, a zesty and invigorating flavor indeed that charged me up to go try out UrbanSpace's other offerings.

A cool and refreshing drink is a definite must at a food market. Lizzmonade sure does a good job at keeping you going. So, how do you lizz?

After a sumptuous meal and a refreshing drink, I was in the mood for dessert. I had my eyes set on the nutella filled churros at Taco Bono and made my way to get my hands on them, but imagine my disappointment on finding out that they were all sold out. They had dulce de leche churros too, and unfortunately they ran out of them as well. Just my bad luck! 

I'm definitely going back to try these out. I mean, look at them! (These were on display incase you're wondering how I got a photo without even trying them out)

Still in the mood for something sweet, I walked around and came across Macaron Parlour, one of my favorite places to get macarons in the city. I frequent their east village joint, and I can proudly say that I've pretty much tried out all their flavors, so I was on the look out for something I hadn't tried before or an already existing favorite. I decided to have the Party Time, a salted milk chocolate and dulce de leche macaron that I hadn't had before. Needless to say, the macaron was bang on with a light wafer on the outside and a sweet and salty chewy filling inside. I wanted to exploit my privileges and get one of each, but I realized that there was more food to try out at the other stalls, so off I went on my free food sampling adventure. 

With tons of flavors to choose from, Macaron Parlour is your go to place if you're looking for a light dessert to munch on.

Finally, my last stop was at Black Iron Burger. I guess because I'm Indian, the vendor checked with me before hand if I ate meat, bacon more specifically. Hell yeah I did! I ate all kinds of meat, I boasted to the vendor. A delicious bacon burger was in the works for me. I wasn't sure whether I was going to finish my burger, but once I had a bite of it, I knew that I was going to have to make more space in my tummy for this divine treat. It was pretty darn good! The patty was juicy, tender, and well grilled. Did I mention that there was bacon in it? You can't go wrong with bacon in your food. The aioli dressing was incredibly good, and scallions and bacon bits on the fries was an awesome touch to the meal. I was licking my fingers in broad daylight. This was all I needed to end my day on a good note at UrbanSpace. 


Cheerful staff, and a mouth watering meal is what you can expect at Black Iron Burger. Check out my goody box!

After wiping off that burger, I was done for the day. I had a great time tasting some of the awesome fares at UrbanSpace Garment District. There were tons of other stalls that I didn't get the chance to visit, but I'll be going back for more soon. Do check out UrbanSpace if you're around Times Square, you won't be disappointed. For more information on UrbanSpace, click here

Bangkok Bar, Yankee Doodle Dandys, Red Hook Lobster & Fire Belly are some of the other amazing stalls at UrbanSpace. 

Stuffing my face with food, doing what I do best.

Alright folks, that's it for today. I'll be back with more soon. Keep checking this space for coverage of great food events in the city for now. If luck prevails and I go global, then you definitely shouldn't be missing out on my adventures. Go subscribe if you haven't already!