Hi! I'm Danica. I started Danica's Comfort Kitchen as a way to share my budding culinary skills and to encourage people to cook meals at home. A dedicated home cook myself, I prefer cooking and eating within the comforts of my home than spending money eating out on a daily basis. Through Danica's Comfort Kitchen, I want to make the experience of cooking easy and comfortable, especially for those who are not used to cooking often. I'm no professional either, in fact I discovered my love for cooking only after moving to New York from Bombay to complete my Master's degree in 2013 (staying away from home does help you discover extraordinary skills that you didn't know you possessed). Prior to that I knew a thing or two about cooking by observing my family members whip up mouth watering meals (there are some great cooks in my family) and from watching cooking shows on television. 

As a student who couldn't afford eating out often, I began to spend my time cooking meals that were easy to prepare and which invoked a sense of homeliness. That very idea of a comforting meal, something that makes you feel good and nostalgic is what I want to share with everyone. Like I said, I'm new to cooking and I'm learning things too, I don't follow any specific cuisine and I tend to try out anything and everything that I crave for or which catches my attention, but predominately Indian flavors influence my cooking since that's where I come from.

I love to cook, eat, talk about food, and take photographs of food, and that's exactly what I'll be showcasing on this site. So come be a part of my culinary adventures and I hope you'll learn something on the way.